2011 European Acrobatic Championships – All-Around Results & Photos

Today, the 2011 European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Varna (BUL) concluded with the combined routines of the junior and senior gymnasts.

In the senior division, Russia won with the women’s group and the men’s pair two more gold medals in the all-around. Great Britain took gold with the women’s pair and the men’s group. And Portugal surprisingly won the mixed pair title.

detailed results all-around: mixed pairwomen’s groupmen’s pairmen’s groupwomen’s pair

In the junior division, the mixed pair from Belgium Laure de Pryck and Nicolas Vleeshouwers won their third gold medal ahead of Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith of Great Britain and Charlotte Deneuville and Maxime Rolland Jacob from France. All of the other gold medals went to Russia.

detailed results all-around: mixed pair junior / women’s group junior / men’s pair junior / men’s group junior / women’s pair junior

Overall, Russia dominated the field, followed by Great Britain, Belgium, Belarus and the Ukraine:

RUS 13 gold / 12 silver

GBR 6 gold / 4 silver / 3 bronze

BEL 5 gold / 2 silver / 3 bronze

BLR 3 gold / 8 silver / 7 bronze

UKR 2 gold / 2 silver / 6 bronze

POR 1 gold / 1 bronze

BUL 2 silver / 5 bronze

POL 4 bronze

FRA 1 bronze

Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith (GBR)

Great Britain's men's group

Cirque de Soleil

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