A pair to watch: Laure de Pryck and Nicolas Vleeshouwers

Belgium’s junior mixed pair, Laure de Pryck and Nicolas Vleeshouwers, won every possible gold medal at the recent European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics in Varna, Bulgaria. They follow in the footsteps of retired acrobatic pairs from Belgium, Julie van Gelder & Menno Vanderghote and Amber van Wijk & Nik de Roeck. They’ll win more medals in the future and not only because of their high difficulty in both routines – balance and dynamic – but also because of their incredible artistry, execution and synchrony. They blend extremely well together! Enjoy their routines!

Click play or watch their balance routine (28.700 – one of the highest scores of the competition) on YouTube:

Click play or watch their dynamic routine on YouTube:

Click play or watch their combined routine on YouTube:

After watching almost all of the routines at the European Acrobatic Championships I’m convinced more than ever: If you want artistry in gymnastics you have to judge artistry in gymnastics – if “artistic” gymnastics doesn’t start to give points for artistry as rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics does, nothing will change. (It does not have to be worth one third of the overall score – in rhythmic and acrobatic you have at most 10.0 for difficulty, 10.0 for execution and 10.0 for artistry – but at least enough to “force” coaches and gymnasts to put more effort in choreography, dance, expression, creativity – so maybe some tenth!?)

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