Acrobatic Gymnastics – Maia World Cup routines

Dear IOC, if you’re considering to add another sport to the Olympic Games, then please, not yoga, but acrobatic gymnastics. The performances are at an excellent level, beautiful to watch, artistic and with breathtaking acrobatics!

Acrobatic gymnastics doesn’t have as many competitions as artistic gymnastics, but the first World Cup was already held in Maia, POR on March 3rd-4th. Two more will take place in May/June in Germany and in September in Russia.

Watch the best performances, including my favourite mixed pair Nicolas Vleeshouwers and Laure de Pryck from Belgium who also won in their category.

Go High or go Home!

Shaikhutdinova, Stroynova & Loginova – womens group Russia (YouTube):

Vleeshouwers & de Pryck – mixed pair Belgium (or on YouTube):

Solodinina, Sukhareva & Golovina – womens group Russia (YouTube):


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