Leo, Leo, Leotards!

Spring is in the air! It’s time for new collections of leotards – some of them are weird, some quite funny and some even beautiful. Let’s take a look! Featured brands this time: USA’s GK, UK’s Milano and A star, France’s Christian Moreau and 9.9 Just Perfect, which hired Youna Dufournet as their model, and finally Germany’s ervy.


Here we have a GK workout leo which somehow looks like a bondage costume…


And now it’s official: Yes, when you’re finished in the gym you can jump directly into the swimmingpool without changing!


Lady Gaga’s favourite meat leotard, designed by Milano!


Beautiful color-combination, very elegant – all that I’m missing are the sleeves…

A Star

Go, Great Britain, go! – And that’s not the only patriotic leo, A Star sells.

A Star

The ultimate Christmas Leo.

A Star


Christian Moreau

With France’s colors, red blue and white, on the left shoulder, this could be a simple but nice warm-up leo for the Olympics…


Does this jacket-over-leo-look look good or not?


The blue version and still not sure what to think.


Ervy knows how to design some beautiful leotards…


…and some really ugly ones.

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