Gymnastics Bits and Pieces

Back in 2008 Marie-Sophie Hindermann had a really difficult routine on the uneven bars. She only performed it once without a fall, unfortunately not at the Olympics but at an “unimportant” friendly meet. Last week, a video of her routine at a meet in February 2011 was uploaded. She competed a Jaeger, Hindorff, Pak, Shaposnikova and double tuck dismount (5.2/12.950). As the tallest competing elite gymnast she looks really great on bars. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Did you know that Philipp Boy is a successful businessman? He runs two restaurants called “Sandwich Manufaktur” (similar to Subway) with his associate partner Danilo Springmann (24) in and near Cottbus; almost 20 employees work for the 23 years old European Champion. (DTL)

Nastia Liukin redesigned her website – in my opinion not for the better. But take a look on your own. She is described as an athlete, a dreamer, a rolemodel, an artist and a champion…

The German Bundesliga (DTL) asked Volker Minkus and Andreas Aguilar (1989 Worldchampion on SR) to produce an image film. I really like it: There are not too many slow motions and chalk involved and it really captures all sides of the sport – even the funny moments. See the result below or on YouTube:

Another show by Cirque the Soleil: IRIS – A journey through the world of cinema. Impressive and a must-see (if I would not have to fly across the world in order to get there). See the trailer here or on YouTube:

And the Cincinnati gymnasts Lexie Priessman, Amanda Jetter, Amelia Hundley, Brianna Brown are getting ready for the Ranch in this Workout Wednesday of Gymnastike. I really like Lexie’s combination of turns and a scale on BB.

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  1. Dave Says:

    the only problem with nastia’s old site was nastia. she never updated it. the new site is full of bugs (links that go nowhere, thumbnails that arent acctually thumbnails, for some reason there are two news sections that post different news and no pics from the olympics) only good thing about the new site is that it has facebook and twitter feeds, so even when she doesnt update it it will still have current info on the homepage

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