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German teams for Europeans

March 23, 2011

Philipp Boy

Yesterday, the organization committee of the European Championships in Berlin announced the German teams and some other names of competitors. I was hoping they would publish the complete list of athletes until today, but apparently they didn’t.

Oksana Chusovitina, Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Bui and Nadine Jarosch are on the women’s team for Berlin. Except for Chuso (who likely only does VT and BB, maybe FX?), everyone competes AA.

On the men’s team are Philipp Boy, Robert Weber, Marcel Nguyen, Brian Gladow and Thomas Taranu. Who fills the last free spot – Sebastian Krimmer or Steve Woitalla – will be decided at a very last trial for the Europeans on the 2nd of April.

Other competitors are Beth Tweddle, Sandra Izbasa, Amelia Racea, Vanessa Ferrari and of course Aliya Mustafina. Matteo Morandi, Tomi Tuuha, Yann Cucherat, Vlasios Maras and Elftherios Kosmidis, Jordan Jovchev, Maxim Devyatovsky and Flavius Kozci are the big names on the men’s side. Some countries already announced their complete teams. / / DTB